Vacation 99 - Fun with the Reeds

The Reed-AndersonsOn Monday, we headed off for Shirley, MA in the wee hours of the morning. We were a bit weary, but excited to be on our way at last.

The most memorable thing about the plane ride was that we actually landed in Nashville early, so we got off the plane between stints and augment the tasty snacks we got from Southwest Airlines. When we landed in Baltimore soon after, we had to scramble to the next gate and board for Manchester, NH. After such a smooth journey, we did run into some difficulty finding David's house. David's directions were ok, but we missed a critical turn early on and had some fun driving in circles. There were a few signs missing. And the roads fork and bend, making it very difficult to interpret directions. And the sun was down.

Other memorable moments - the smell of Dad after a day of fishing, Katie getting a tooth knocked out with a bat, the trip to Boston.


Banyan Tree Created July, 1999
by Jodi Reed,