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Jeff Sale
"Lines Composed A Few Miles Above the Center for Really Neat Research..."

I teach Flash, XHTML/CSS, Javascript, and PHP/MySQL at Cuyamaca College.

I am currently Educational Programmer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center on the UCSD campus. I work to promote the use of cyberinfrastructure within the K-12 and undergraduate education community through education portal development, workshops, training, and curriculum development in collaboration with a talented group of co-workers and educators. I have considerable experience in education courseware development with emphasis on challenging concepts in science. I have published and presented work in such areas as visualization of electrophyisological data, virtual reality technologies applied to neurorehabilitation, distributed medical intelligence, and instructional design of CD-ROM video-based case studies for pre-service teachers in math and science education. My CV/Resume is available on request.

I was formerly Assistant Director at San Diego State's Education Center on Computational Science and Engineering. I served a similar role under the direction of Dr. Kris Stewart fostering the integration of high-performance computing into the undergraduate curriculum. The EdCenter is supported by the California State University and the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI).

I do scientific visualization work with complex datasets.

I run my own education technology services company, EdWorlds.

Here are examples of my development work.


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