Summer Vacation 2008  

Yosemite High Sierra Hike

View a slide show of the backpacking trip in Yosemite

Thursday 6/26 Acclimation, Toulomne Meadows Tent Cabins (optional)
Friday 6/27 Hike to May Lake 2.7 Miles, Stay at High Sierra Cabin
Saturday 6/28 Hike to Glen Aulin 8 miles Down hill, HSC
Sunday 6/29 Hike to Toulomne Meadows 6 miles. Stay overnight or Home.

June 29 Tenaya Lodge confirmation #76377m


Yosemite Camps

San Francisco

Possible Hotels:

Triton Hotel (Trip Advisor, Orbitz)

Best Western Tuscan Inn, Fisherman's Wharf








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